Hello Joo Chiat

A fringe event for OH! Open House

OH! initiates Hello, our very first fringe event to introduce the people and stories of Joo Chiat. This neighbourhood has weird, wacky, wonderful people who call it home. From transient workers and hip expatriates to longtime residents. Some are old, some are new, but they all tell us important stories.

Join us for Hello, where Joo Chiaters of all stripes invite you into their private spaces for an intimate sharing.

The Asian Issue
29th March, 3PM, 45 minutes. Limited to 15 pax | Free Admission

Why are so many of the style magazines in Singapore seemingly obsessed with 16-year old Russian models? In the realm of fashion imagery, Singapore seems to have forgotten itself. Wei Chun is a creative director and fashion stylist who has been exploring Asian identity in the context of magazine editorials. He talks about his work, ideas on originality, and where we might be heading.

The Peranakan Kebaya
29th March, 4PM, 90 minutes. Limited to 12 pax | Free Admission

As the last disciple of the celebrated Kebaya tailor Mok Tai E, Heath Yeo still swears by the sunset skill of traditional handmade embroidery. Come join his specially presented Kebaya exhibition — Sulam: Past, Present, Future. Heath will give you an exclusive personal tour, explain his intricate design process followed by an embroidery demonstration.

No Photoshop: An Alternative Visual Reality
29th March, 4.30PM, 45 minutes. Limited to 15 pax | Free Admission

Marcel Heijnen is a visual artist, designer and musician who lives in Joo Chiat. He uses photography as the main medium for his art. His works exhibit dreamlike visions by presenting two realities – urban landscapes and weathered walls – collapsed into one. Visit his shophouse/studio on Everitt Road for a chitchat session over photographs and tea.

Who's Uncle Yong Huat?
29th March, 5PM, 30 minutes. Limited to 10 pax | Free Admission

If you love prawn mee, hokkien mee and all the mee in the world, then it is time for you to meet the man behind the famous wok! Uncle Yong Huat has been running the stall, at that very same spot, since 1949. It will be a casual lim kopi session, Joo Chiat style! P.S: If he shares with you his secret hokkien mee recipe, you should really let us know.

Kim Choo’s Peranakan Tour
29th March, 5.30PM, 60 minutes. Limited to 15 pax | Free Admission

The famous Kim Choo Nyonya Rice Dumplings have been the mainstay in Singapore's diverse epicurean tapestry since the year 1945. Join us for a personal tour of their in-house gallery that showcases everything Peranakan. You may also get to sample their Mini Nyonya Rice Dumplings, Nine-Layer Kueh & Mini Otah, and have hands-on experience learning to wrap a rice dumpling! (Spoiler: It is harder and stickier than you think).

Yak! A Singapore collector talks about his favourite Artists, and the need to buy Art.
29th March 2015, 6PM, 45 minutes. Limited to 5 pax | Free Admission

What is the role of art in your personal life? How about its role in society? This Art Collector believes that Art can, will and should help individuals and society feel its way around difficult issues. He warmly invites you into his home-slash-art-space to discuss art (that's always fun) and the intersection of art and ideas. Join us for an evening of coffee, art and pseudo-philosophising.

Flower Power : Local meanings and local flowers
29th March 2015, 6.30PM, 60 minutes. Limited to 10 pax | $25 for materials

Join us for a one-off flower appreciation session lead by Stephanie Hiew to re-define the meanings of local flowers that we encounter in our everyday lives: a yellow, cheerful chrysanthemum can be so much more than a religious offering. William, an old boy of the neighbourhood, is the owner of this flower boutique. “It’s time to make space in our everyday lives for the beauty of flowers.” He believes in flowers and romance. Do you?

Meet Aletheia at No Man's Land

GETTING THERE: Do not drive. Parking for visitors is non-existent. Please take public transport.

LATE POLICY: If you sign up for a Hello Joo Chiat session, you should arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the session. Respect your fellow session mates. Respect the Joo Chiaters who are opening their homes up to you. Be on time. Latecomers will strictly not be entertained and someone else will take your place.

LANGUAGE: Hello Joo Chiat will be conducted in Singlish, like, kind of.

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Sun Mar 29, 2015
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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